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Your Electrical Expert

At DNC Electrical & Air-Conditioning, we provide general and emergency electrical services for homes and businesses throughout Springwood—from the M1 to Dennis Road. Our electricians use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your electrical system is safe, efficient and compliant. Whether you need us during the day or in the middle of the night, we are your comprehensive electrical solution.

We also offer air-conditioning installation, maintenance and repairs. Our experts will ensure your air conditioner runs smoothly all year round, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Ready to get started? Speak to our friendly team on (07) 5606 7880 to book a site visit. We also provide insurance work.

Testing electrical plug — Electrical & Air-Conditioning in Springwood, QLD

Electrical Emergency Steps

If you experience an electrical emergency, it is essential to take the following steps:

  1. Immediately remove any people or animals from the emergency area.
  2. If possible, turn off the power at the breaker box or fuse box.
  3. Call an electrician.
  4. Do not attempt to move or touch any equipment that may be energised.
  5. Do not use any water around electrical equipment or wiring.

Electrical emergencies can be dangerous if not handled properly. By taking quick and appropriate action, you can help keep yourself and others safe in the event of an electrical emergency.

Our Services


We are your air-conditioning experts in Springwood, providing installations, repairs and servicing.

Lighting Installations

We supply and install lighting for homes and businesses throughout Springwood. Let there be light!

Electrical Safety Checks

From solar panels to hot water systems—we provide electrical safety checks for a wide range of appliances. Servicing residential and commercial properties throughout Springwood.

Smoke Alarms

We install and maintain smoke alarms in compliance with QLD Law. Keep your home or business in Springwood safe.

Switchboard Upgrades

Is there a buzzing noise coming from your switchboard? We provide switchboard upgrades, repairs and installations for homes and businesses in Springwood.

Contact DNC Electrical & Air-Conditioning today for all your electrical needs!
ElectricianSwitchboard Upgrades — Electrical & Air-Conditioning in Springwood, QLD

Why Hire an Electrician?

There are many reasons why you might need to hire an electrician. Perhaps you’re renovating your home and need someone to help with the wiring. Maybe you’re having electrical problems and need someone to come and take a look. Whatever the reason, it’s important to ensure you hire a qualified professional.

An electrician can help ensure that your electrical system is installed correctly and safely. They can also help troubleshoot any problems you may be having and make repairs as needed. A qualified electrician will have the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done right.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t get your air conditioner serviced, it will eventually stop working, and you will have to buy a new one.

Yes, you need a licensed electrician to install lighting fixtures both inside and out.

A smoke alarm compliance assessment is an evaluation of whether a facility complies with smoke alarm regulations.

There is no definitive answer to this question, as both split and ducted air-conditioning have their advantages and disadvantages. Split air-conditioning is more affordable and easier to install, while ducted air-conditioning is more efficient and can cool larger spaces. Ultimately, the best type of air-conditioning for your property depends on your specific needs and preferences.

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